Who Am I?

I am a dedicated Web Designer & Web Developer, located in the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth, with a passion for high-level, clean, maintainable, reliable and testable code.
With over a decade of experience in the industry I know what brings great results. I have a focus on transparency and communication, keeping my clients in the loop at every stage, to make sure everyone knows exactly what to expect and when.
I will also stand by your side after launch, to make sure you are happy and everything is running smoothly, giving you peace of mind, that you are in safe hands.
Digital Alchemist - Who we are


My heart is in high quality code, that is reliable and easy to maintain. This is the backbone of any good web service, so I will never compromise on quality.

If it’s not good enough, it won’t make it out the door and I stand by this level of quality and reliability with pride.


The web is littered with hack-jobs and dodgy code that causes more harm than it is worth.

It is my aim to turn the tide on this and produce quality, tested code that meets a high standard, to set an example of how the modern web should be built.


I will stand by your side throughout the design, planning, building and deployment of your site, keeping you in the loop at every stage, with honesty and transparency.

This dedicated support continues after launch, so you will always have an ally, ready to jump in and advise, fix and extend your services into the future.